Why are we willing to do E-Mail consultations for free?.
   We enjoy our work!
   We do care about people and want to help as much as we can!
   We really believe that a lot of the people who write to us don't need any more than a few well-thought-out response to get their life back on track!!!
   We enjoy knowing that we can choose to answer e-mail at any time of the day!
   It's a great way of promoting other services we can offer!
General information and understanding among us
In order to receive this service you must: Be at least 18 years old; understand that we will correspond with you for no more than three times free of charge; KNOW that this is not psychotherapy, and that any issues related to suicide ideation, impulse or intent; domestic violence or thoughts of violence against others will not be addressed and in the event that you persist in discussing them you will be reported to your server and all communication will CEASE.
In the event that you decide to pursue a different relation you can write us a brief request for further information
and you will obtain all details as to
Where you can obtain further services!

Please make sure that when you write to us, your problem is clearly identified, this will assist us to better serve you!!!