If you are frequently surfing the internet you will have discovered many "free" offerings. We have research most of these offerings and provide you with a listing of those that have demonstrated to meet the following criteria:

1. Legitimacy
2. No attempt to "later" sell you anything
3. Usefulness
4. Capability of income producing

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If your experience with any of the "freebies" provided as links on this site is different, please, do not hesitate in letting us know, we will further investigate what is the problem. We hope you find them useful and can derive some benefit from their services.

1. Get paid for the e-mail you send. This company allegedly will pay you for all e-mail that you send. Like others it also will pay you for e-mail send by your referrals. Check it out, I have had no problems.
2. Get paid for reading e-mail
    (A) Money for Mail
By signing up for this program, you will be entitled to earn cash simply by reading e-mail! In addition, if you refer other people, you can earn even more money.You'll earn an extra 5% from each referral! Just by going to the site, you will be giving us  the opportunity of earning more $$$. Thanks!!!

3. Make someone smile today, send them an E-Greeting. This is a must use site, it is our duty to make others happy and to remember those special days, by the way, here are your free-stamps if you decide to go the traditional way.

4. Companies that will pay you for "surfing" the internet, sign-up for all of them is FREE, you can cancel at any time and so far, we have had no problems with configuration in our computers!
    A) Go To World
Start earning cash TODAY!! GoToWorld pays you to use their internet browser software. Sign-up is free with no obligations and you can quit anytime. I downloaded the software and had it running within 10 min. Note: WebTV and Mac users are not supported at this time (will be in the future), but you can still sign up. Important!! The real bonus is GoToWorld offers an incentive program much like AllAdvantage. Refer others and you increase your earnings. Please use our member ID 1017234625 as your referral.

    B) The Dial Viewer

The Deal Viewer let's you browse view the best internet deals while you are online. You can even browse internet deals while you do your checkbook in Quicken, you don't even have to use your browser! Log-in regularly to check your stats. If you have any doubt about how much money you can make, play with the calculator, it's astounding how quickly the numbers go up!

    (C) AllAdvantage
This is an excellent opportunity to get paid for doing something you already do and love. AllAdvantage will pay you $0.50/hour for surfing the web. Sign up with no strings attached. Please use me as your referral. Our reference code is AOX-729 . Thanks (tell others and you and everyone else will increase earnings significantly)

    (D) Utopiad
They offer a revolutionary product that allows people to surf the internet, view advertising, and get paid to do it. As the referral source, they offer us, payment in the form of referral income. Our ID # is 5 2 0 5 8 , please use it as your referral source.
    (E) Desktophorizons
Join today and take part in a new Internet revolution where advertisers pay you to view their ads. This company also give out cash and prizes. Just look for their special Desktop Horizon banner, which they randomly rotate into their system. All you have to do is sign-up. It's free and only takes a minute. There are no hidden fees or obligations. Also, they guarantee that your information is kept confidential. Still not convinced that it's possible? Click in the above link for a detailed explanation of how it works. Also check out their income calculator and see how much money you can make using the Horizon. This company is still in the process of "going on line" so be patient. As soon as they do, if you join, you can elect to use our nickname as your referral source...norest.

    (F) Aryval
Another site that pays you $$$ for utilizing their services. Just go to their site and obtain as much information as you may want or need.

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