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August 20, 1999

Unsubstantiated Claim of Benefit from Procarin

Chapters are receiving information about a "treatment"
for multiple sclerosis called Procarin, which is
administered through a skin patch. Reports indicate
that use by people with MS is based on a hypothesis
about histamine dating from the 1950's, that is generally
not accepted by the medical community. Claims that
Procarin can treat multiple sclerosis appear to be
based on anecdotal reports from about 10 people.
We are aware of no clinical trials of this treatment,
which would be necessary to evaluate the safety and
effectiveness of this agent.

The Procarin System is being marketed to pharmacists
to compound (create a preparation using several
ingredients). Procarin has not been demonstrated
through any accepted methods to benefit people with
MS, and the Society's medical advisors believe there
is no scientific rationale to suggest possible benefit.

Nancy Holland
Vice President
Clinical Programs Department

Stanley Van der Noort, MD
Chief Medical Officer, NMSS