Welcome to the Chronic Illness Site.

Do you suffer from a chronic illness? We are sure that if you do, you want to remain informed as to the latest research, discoveries and new treatment alternatives. During the past two years, we have research the internet extensively in an effort to obtain as much information and education as we could regarding multiple autoimmune and neurological conditions. Hours and hours of work taught us that gathering information is sometimes a very difficult process, this page is the result of this effort. We want to provide you with the opportunity to by-pass such rigorous process.

If the illness that you are currently experiencing is not listed , and you would like to have it listed, don't hesitate contact us, will gladly do all the necessary research and incorporate information in our database!

In addition to our library of information, we offer  links to highly reputable medical sites. You can also utilize our "search" link or "chat" with your friends just by "clicking" in the appropriate area. If you are "sick and tired" of being sick and you want to "let it all out" we will also offer a "bulletin board" where you can express yourself freely. Just remember when doing so, not to offend anyone...being sick does not give us the right to offend others or put them down.

Our most used service is the Free Psychoeducational Consultation. We have received many requests for advice and education regarding issues of mental health, physical and spiritual health. This is your website help us to make it better, let us know your opinion!