About Us
Psychbound Enterprises (NOT FOR PROFIT), is the product of a "Chronic Illness". Two years ago, I began experiencing "unusual" symptoms . As of today, no clear diagnosis has yet been established. During these past two years in an effort to better understand what was/is happening to me, I began researching and obtaining as much information as I could regarding autoimmune, neurological and related medical conditions; some of my friends as well as relatives have joined in this enterprise, thus creating what we now call...Psychbound Enterprises.

In this effort, we realized that I was not alone! Many others are continuously searching for answers to their health problems. We discovered that this is a tedious and sometimes frustrating process. There is tons of information in the internet but discriminating between official and nonofficial information and content is sometimes difficult

As professionals who have worked in the medical field for more than 20 years, we understood clearly why so many times individuals become irate when they are presented with conflicting information. This web site intents to provide a solution to this problem by sorting out "good information from bad information",while at the same time presenting controversial issues. IT IS IMPORTANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE INFORMATION THAT APPEARS IN THIS SITE DOES NOT INTEND TO SUBSTITUTE OR PRECLUDE THE GUIDELINES PROVIDED BY YOUR ATTENDING PHYSICIAN. SOME OF THE ARTICLES AND NEWS WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION WHICH AT TIMES WILL BE CONTROVERSIAL.IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ALWAYS EVALUATE THE INFORMATION AND CLOSELY EVALUATE BOTH SIDES OF ANY ARGUMENT. THIS SITE IN NO WAY CLAIMS TO BE A GUIDE FOR DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT.

In our pages you will be able to gather up-to-date knowledge, will guide you to "official" resources and provide you with the opportunity to interact with others in your same situation. Additionally, you can e-mail us questions and/or requests and we will try to respond to your needs !!!