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Claiming Disability (1998)
Simi Linton

Disabled people have emerged from the shadows and back rooms of our institutions, upping the ante on demands for an inclusive society. ' Claiming Disability' captures this moment in this comprehensive examination of disability studies as a field of inquiry. Arguing that disability studies takes for its subject matter not simply the variations that exist in human behavior, appearance, functioning, sensory acuity, and cognitive processing, but the meaning we make of those variations, this pathbreaking work offers both a passionate challenge to status quo definitions of disability and a methodology for reexaming it.

New York University Press
ISBN 0-8147-5134-2

Living Well with MS (1993)
A guide for patient, caregiver and family
David L. Carroll

Living well with MS gives general information about MS and is in particular meant to help people cope with the disease. The book carefully adress questions like diagnosis and prognosis, problems like sexual dysfunctions and tricks for dealing with specific problems. Probably because the book is already a bit older, it has little to no information about new treatments, but it is a useful book for patients as well as family and caregivers.
Harper Perennial;
US $ 12.00
ISBN 006 096 980-6

A Delicate Balance (1998)
Living successfully with chronic illness
Susan Milstrey Wells

Instead of focusing on a specific illness, this book examines the expercience of living with a chronic disease through in-depth, personal interviews with patients, care providers and family members. Their perspective is candid but hopeful. There is a long road between becoming sick and accepting life with a chronic disease. Susan Milstrey Wells, a journalist who has lived with chronic illness for half of her life, ushers readers through the steps that every person with chronic illness treads.
ISBN 0 -306-45798-9
Insight Books:

Staring Back (1997)
The Disability Experience from the Inside Out
Kenny Fries (ed)

'Throughout history, those who live with disabilities have been silenced by those who did not want to hear what we have to say. We have also been silenced by our own fear… Now writers with disabilities affirm our lives by putting the world on notice that we are staring back', writes Kenny Fries, the editor of this volume. The nonfiction, poetry, fiction, and drama showcased in this collection are written by well-known authors as Nancy Mairs, John Hockenberry and Adrienne Rich and 30 other writers with disabilities.
Plume Book: Penguin Putnam Inc.
ISBN 0-452-27913

Women Living with Multiple Sclerosis (1999)

An intimiate portrait drawn from the e-mail chats of a group of special women. The members of the group share intimate, emotional accounts of there experiences with MS. Some stories are painful, some are funny, and often they are both. Topics like the workplace, sexuality, depression, loss of bladder and bowel controle are discussed freely and frankly. In between nuggets of medical information and practical advice. People suffering with MS will truly feel they are not alone. As one member of the group writes: 'Walking may be difficult, but together we fly'.

Judith Lynn Nichols and her online group of MS sisters
Hunter Hous Inc. Publishers, Alameda CA.
ISBN 0-89793-218-8

Waist-High in the world (1996)
A Life Among the Nondisabled

There are readers 'who need, for a tangle of reasons, to be told that a life commonly held to be insufferable can be full and funny,' comments Nancy Mairs. 'I'm living the life. I can tell them.' Severely disabled by multiple sclerosis, surrounded by husband, colleagues, friends and grown children, Mairs shares the richness of her outer world and her inner journey. Disability runs like a thread through all the essays. Mairs travels are not always comfortable and easy. For the most part she accepts her MS but she has also a lot of anger. Anger that is aimed at the ignorance and prejudice. She gives voice to things a lot of people with MS and disabilities are struggling with.

Nancy Mairs
Beacon Press Boston MA
ISBN 0-8070-7086-6