Viagra Effective in MS Patients
DG DISPATCH - ANA: Viagra Effective In MS Patients

By Edward Susman
Special to DG News
SEATTLE, WA -- October 15, 1999 -- Viagra can successfully treat men with erectile dysfunction who are also living with multiple sclerosis (MS), researchers reported at the 124th annual meeting of the American Neurological Association, in Seattle, WA.
When compared to placebo, 90 percent of those taking Viagra and 24 percent of those taking a placebo were able to achieve erections, and 92 percent of the responders to sildenafil declared they were able to have satisfactory sexual activity.
"There were a lot of happy men in this trial," said Dr. Clare Fowler, a reader in clinical neurology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, in London, UK.
She said 113 patients were put on placebo while 104 men received sildenafil citrate. The patients all had MS symptoms which involved difficulty in walking as well as bladder control deficits, hallmarks of spinal deterioration seen in multiple sclerosis.
At a poster presentation at the 124th annual meeting of the American Neurological Association in Seattle, Fowler said the men were suffering erectile dysfunction due to physical problems caused by MS.
Only two men taking sildenafil discontinued treatment in the study compared with 25 men (22 percent) of the patients taking placebo. Fowler said the main reason those on placebo discontinued the treatment was due to lack of response. The only adverse event that occurred in the 12-week study was reported in the placebo group.
"Viagra is an effective and well-tolerated treatment for erectile dysfunction of various causes, including spinal cord injury," Fowler said.