Montel Williams: Battling MS
Watching him on TV,
you’d never know he was fighting a baffling disease
NBC News

Oct. 20 — When you count your blessings and the good things that have come your way would a crippling disease be on the list? It is for one man you may know. When talk show host Montel Williams was diagnosed earlier this year with multiple sclerosis, he was devastated. MS strikes mostly women, and Caucasians more than any other race. As an African-American male, Montel should have been a long shot. But he’ll tell you he’s been a long shot his whole life. And now, he considers his disease a gift. In an exclusive interview, Stone Phillips talks to this daytime star and his wife Grace about battling MS, using his celebrity to try and make a difference, and about Montel’s not-so-secret weapon.

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